How should sport remember?

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British Future
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1 November 2012
Community Development and Regeneration
Social welfare
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This essay explores how sport in Britain can be involved in remembrance weekend and other commemoration activities. The essay argues that remembrance Sunday in 2014 should be a special sport-free Sunday. Strong support from the British public for this idea was found, with 54% in favour in a YouGov poll. But this paper argues that remembering the sacrifice made in the Great War should go beyond just this. Fixtures such as the 2014 Calcutta Cup rugby match, where in 1914 eleven of the thirty England and Scotland players lost their lives in the Great War, should commemorate the sacrifice made by those athletes. Further, sport is also a good arena for remembrance to promote post-war reconciliation and contemporary friendship too. The essay argues for wider and more active involvement from sport and sporting bodies in commemoration activities.