How to be on the Moon by Viviane Schwarz: notebook, sketches and printed book


What happens in How to be on the Moon?

Anna and her best friend Crocodile are wondering what to play next. ‘Let’s go to the moon,’ says Anna. Crocodile points out that the moon is very far away and that space is dark and empty, and that going to the moon will be almost impossible. But Anna likes that and is determined to go. They must build a rocket and make sandwiches for the journey.

After a short nap on the way, they land on the moon. The earth looks so small from so very far away. Worried that Earth is missing them, Anna and Crocodile decide to fly back: ‘Being far away feels just the same as being very small when you’re missing someone.’

This book shows that you can have all kinds of exciting adventures when you use your imagination.

Who created How to be on the Moon?

This book was written and illustrated by Viviane Schwarz. Here you can see pages from the published book, as well as a range of notes, plans and sketches which provide an insight into Viviane's creative process.

Viviane has always made books ever since she was a little girl. She likes to work fast and she makes her own pens, brushes, pigments and inks. She wants children to look at her illustrations and want to draw and paint too. Before Viviane starts a new book she thinks, ‘What would be a book that helps you with a difficult thing?’ Above all she wants to encourage children to be brave and creative.

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How to be on the Moon by Viviane Schwarz: notebook, sketches and printed book
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Viviane Schwarz
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