In place of fear: narrowing health inequalities

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Dorling, Danny
Centre for Labour and Social Studies
Date of publication
1 May 2013
Think piece
Health Services, Poverty Alleviation Welfare Benefits and Financial Inclusion, Social Policy
Social welfare
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This paper looks at the impact of the current political and economic climate on health inequality. The report considers that life expectancy and income are linked, and that, as such, a political and economic climate characterized by austerity and spending cuts results in rising mortality counts and greater health inequality. Fear and anxiety, that a welfare state can subdue, becomes increasingly prominent when public services and welfare benefits are under threat causing health and wellbeing problems for the wider population. Further, when it comes to providing a health service, it is harder to provide a good health service in a more economically unequal country, especially one in which inequalities are growing. The rich in a very unequal country are more likely to opt out of national health services, and have less interest in the quality of that service.