Independent sexual violence advisors: a process evaluation: summary: summary

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Robinson, Amanda
Home Office
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1 November 2009
Research report; 20
Criminal Justice Services
Social welfare
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The aim of the evaluation was to assess how Independent sexual violence advisor (ISVA) services have been implemented in two distinct settings, Sexual assault referral centres and voluntary sector organisations, and the perceived impact they had with regard to providing specialist support to victims of sexual violence. This was primarily a qualitative study based on information from interviews and visits in six case study sites, chosen to provide a range of different contexts and locations. In addition, quantitative monitoring data were collected from 35 sexual violence projects. In general the introduction of ISVAs was perceived by those interviewed to add value to the existing victim services provided by Sexual assault referral centres and voluntary sector organisations. It was widely acknowledged that ISVAs provided a much needed proactive and tailored service which met the practical, non-therapeutic support and information needs of victims of rape and sexual violence. ISVAs also played a key role in liaising and co-ordinating with other agencies to provide services and information on the police investigation and other criminal justice service and court processes.

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