Inspiring impact: the journey to employment: a guide to understanding and measuring what matters for young people

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Copps, John; Plimmer, Dawn
New Philanthropy Capital
Date of publication
1 May 2013
Social welfare
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Tackling youth unemployment is a priority. Nearly 1.4 million young people are not in employment, full time education or training—almost 1 in 5 of all young people in the UK. Transitions to adulthood have become increasingly difficult as a result of the economic outlook and the breakdown of traditional pathways into work. This report helps organisations that work with young people understand and measure the impact they have on the journey to employment. 

Based on evidence from the literature and insights from consultation with experts, we have identified seven groups of factors that contribute to successful job outcomes. These are: (1) Personal circumstances; (2) Emotional capabilities; (3) Attitudes to work; (4) Employability skills; (5) Qualifications, education and training; (6) Experience and involvement; and (7) Career management skills. The Journey to Employment (JET) framework presents these key factors that influence young peoples’ journey to employment. The framework can be used by charities to help think through how their work contributes to young people’s employability, and plan approaches to evaluation.

This report presents a series of indicators and tools, covering each of the aspects of young people’s journey to employment identified in the JET framework. The tools have been drawn together from existing sources. The selection of tools reflects our assessment of robustness, cost, and ease of use.

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