Instalment of Ulysses (episode XIII, Nausicaa) in The Little Review, April 1920


This is first instalment of episode XIII of James Joyce’s Ulysses that led to The Little Review being prosecuted for obscenity in the US. Published and edited by Margaret C Anderson and Jane Heap, the Chicago-based avant garde journal serialised Joyce’s novel from 1918 to 1920. Their bold motto, printed on the magazine’s cover, was ‘Making no compromise with the public taste’.

Several previous issues featuring Ulysses had been confiscated. In September 1920 John S Sumner, Secretary for the New York Society of the Prevention of Vice, made a complaint about the ‘Nausicaa’ episode published in the July–August 1920 issue. Ulysses was effectively outlawed in North America until a landmark court case in 1933.

Full title:
Ulysses, episode XIII
April 1920, Chicago
Periodical / Serial
The Little Review, Margaret C Anderson [editor], James Joyce
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British Library

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