Albumazar, Treatise on astrology


Abu Maʿshar (d. 886), also known as Albumazer, was an early Persian physician and astrologer who lived in the city of Baghdad. His manuals on astrology were widely read throughout the Middle Ages, translated from Arabic into Latin and Greek. An abbreviated version of his work by the scholar Georgius Fendulus (active during the 12th century) is contained in this 14th-century manuscript, made in the Southern Netherlands. The manuscript is illustrated with two picture cycles. The first is made up of 44 tinted drawings of the signs of the Zodiac, while the second includes 28 drawings of personifications of the planets.

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Albumazar, Treatise on astrology
c. 1350–75, Netherlands
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Public Domain in most countries other than the UK.

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British Library
Sloane MS 3983

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