Interdisciplinary management tool: workbook

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Smith, Tony; Cross, Edmund; Booth, Andrew
NIHR Health Services Research and Delivery Programme
Date of publication
1 November 2012
Health Services
Social welfare
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This workbook accompanies a study that aimed to examine the impact of an intervention to improve interdisciplinary working and explore the relationship between team working and impacts on staff and patients. The study objectives included: exploration of the relationship between different models of interdisciplinary working and related outcomes; description of a range of service models identifying strengths and limitations; and the exposition of characteristics and attributes of effective interdisciplinary team working. These objectives were facilitated by the development, implementation and evaluation of an interdisciplinary management tool with 10 teams aiming to optimise outcomes for patients, staff, and services.

The workbook has been designed to help memebers of interdisciplinary health and social care teams to reflect on the performance of their team and explore the latest evidence related to how interdisciplinary teams work best. The aim is that through reflecting on performance and benchmarking against available evidence, that teams are able to both assure the quality of their working practices and, where necessary, take action to develop team working further.