Jigsaw puzzle depicting the signing of Magna Carta


This jigsaw puzzle was produced by the games manufacturer, Waddingtons of Leeds. Entitled Signing of Magna Charta, the puzzle contained 439 pieces and sold for 1 shilling 3 pence. The box was designed in the shape of a book, and its legend advised that, ‘All the pieces are fully interlocking and when put in position, stay in position, which is most helpful in Jig-Saw Puzzle making’. In common with traditional representations of the events at Runnymede, King John is portrayed in the puzzle signing the document before him, quill pen in hand; a seal press sits on a small table to his left. Originally established as a printing business, Waddingtons entered game production in 1922, being most famous for publishing Cluedo and Monopoly. The company was taken over by Hasbro in 1994.

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Jigsaw puzzle depicting the signing of Magna Carta
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