Journal of Tours by Craven Ord in the Counties of Norfolk and Suffolk


Craven Ord was a celebrated English antiquary who had a particular enthusiasm for medieval monumental brasses. From 1781 to 1797 he toured the parish churches of Norfolk and Suffolk, with the aim of making a comprehensive and comparative study of their brasses. He also made impressions of them on site, cutting them out and mounting them at home, and finally binding them in deal boards more than six feet in height (Add MSS 32478–32479). Ord wrote up an account of his tour in this Journal, including within it a host of hand-drawn sketches, pasted-in and often annotated cuttings from published material and his own notebooks, as well as engravings of brasses, ground plans, coats of arms, portraits and historic buildings.

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Journal of Tours by Craven Ord in the Counties of Norfolk and Suffolk, commenced in 1781, and continued till 1797
Craven Ord
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British Library
Add. MS 14823

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