The journey to participation and work: the voluntary and community sector's contribution to the employability agenda

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Mould, Roger
Newcastle Council for Voluntary Service
Date of publication
1 January 2007
Social welfare
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The purpose of this report is to describe the main characteristics of each of the identified major groups of unemployed people in Newcastle, identify the barriers they face, consider what needs to be done to overcomes these barriers, and examine ways the voluntary and community sector can contribute to the employability agenda. The identified groups are: people with physical or sensory disabilities; people with mental health problems; people with learning difficulties; lone parents; carers; black and minority ethnic groups; people over 50; homeless people; drug users; and re and ex offenders. The report also makes proposals about how the voluntary and community sector can be procured to deliver employability services, and is structured around the concept of employability as a journey to productive paid or unpaid activity. The report concludes with a summary of recommendations for tackling the barriers to employment faced by theses groups, including: services centred on individuals; preparation for people in education; retaining people already in work; volunteering as a route to work; customer involvement in service design; building confidence and self esteem; and developing social capital.

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