Koner Ma Kande (The Bride’s Mother Weeps)


This book, written and published in 1863 by the Hindu Press in Calcutta is a satirical play on the practice of marrying young girls to rich old husbands within the Kulin Brahmin community in Bengal. Bholanath Mukhopadhyay, alumni of Scottish Church College in Calcutta, wrote several such social satires, also known as farces.  These were produced as chapbook-type publications, which used every day dialects, and ordinary characters to address a wide range of social issues. They usually attacked the gratuitous display and conspicuous consumption of wealth by elite classes in Bengal. The farces were performed as interludes between major productions in theatres across Calcutta.

The Hindu Press was based in Ahiritola, in the Battala area, where all the commercial vernacular printing presses were located. Battala publications were cheap, popular literature enjoyed by all classes.

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Koner Ma Kande (The Bride’s Mother Weeps)
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Bholanath Mukhopadhyay
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