La Fin Du Monde


Camille Flammarion was a prolific French writer of popular science and science fiction. Flammarion believed that a kind of system of evolution applied to the universe as a whole: planets and systems would go through the same stages of development, at different rates of speed depending on their size. His novel La Fin du Monde was published in 1893; this edition dates from the following year.

What happens in La Fin du Monde?

The novel describes the slow death of the planet following the impact of a comet in the 25th century, the text concentrating on the long-term political consequences to humankind. Civilisations come and go, the human species survives and undergoes many changes and developments, but is unable to resist the changes to the planet and eventually dies out. In 1894 the novel was translated into English as Omega: The Last Days of the World.

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La Fin Du Monde
1894, Paris
Camille Flammarion
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