Let's talk about six big economic challenges that need addressing

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Adam, Stuart; Crawford, Rowena; Cribb, Jonathan
Institute for Fiscal Studies
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8 November 2019
Social Policy, Older Adults, Social Work, Social Care and Social Services, Health Services
Social welfare
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Whether the UK leaves the European Union, and if so on what terms, is a crucial issue and therefore rightly should be the subject of much debate in the run-up to the general election on 12 December. But Brexit is not the only economically important decision that the UK faces. So the general election debate should not be only about Brexit.

With this in mind, this report sets out one page on each of the following six economic areas where attention, and action, by policymakers are needed. Serious parties seeking election should be setting out how they would seek to address these serious challenges.

  • productivity performance and average earnings 

  • living standards of different generations 

  • in-work poverty 

  • pressures on pensions, health and social care spending 

  • weaknesses in the tax system

  • getting to net zero greenhouse gas emissions

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