Letter from Giuseppe Prezzolini to Federico Comandini 18 July 1915


This letter is written on headed paper from La Voce, The Voice, an influential pro-war literary journal that wanted an overhaul of Italian culture. It hoped the war would turn society against moderates and opportunists, whom they called neutralists. Giuseppe Prezzolini (1893-1967) was at the time very young but later became an anti-fascist politician, a lawyer and, after World War Two, a socialist member of parliament.



I’m afraid I haven’t answer to your dear letter, but you know what happens when you have many things to do. I will have less disillusions than you because I am well prepared, having heard lots of things, and I’m seeing every day of mine in… a sort of grey-green.
Nevertheless I see that for you, for me, for each of us it will be an experience which will teach us a lot. I hope really much, as I am so ingenuous, in the contact between these new elements and the routiners in the field, then we will use the acquired experience to propose reforms. Poor Rauti, who now is forgotten by everyone for his temper a bit proud and for the solitude that the enemies did round him, will come into a precursor of people who will try to modify, with our poet, also the army. We need to redo from everywhere, even now there are lots of unknown and terrifying problems. He saw Barzilai’s designation. He is the delegate of

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Letter from Giuseppe Prezzolini to Federico Comandini 18 July 1915
18 July, 1915
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