Letter to a son-in-law


Writing appears on both sides of this fragmentary papyrus. The text on the front, which runs parallel to the fibres, is a contract dating to 249. The details are obscure, but it presumably concerns some property.

The back hosts another text, which can be dated to the late third century: it is the end of a letter, written across the fibres, addressed to a son-in-law. Whether it was written by the father or the mother of his wife remains unknown due to the loss of the beginning. 

The writer invites Rufinus, the son-in-law, to hire a nurse for the newborn child, as he or she will not allow the daughter to nurse the baby. A list of greetings to and from various members of the household concludes the letter. The address is to be found on the other side, in the left-hand margin, written perpendicularly to the contract.

Full title:
Letter to a son-in-law
249–299, Egypt
Ancient Greek
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Public Domain in most countries other than the UK.

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British Library
Papyrus 951

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