The luck of thirteen by Cora and Jan Gordon


After attempted invasions in 1914 and the outbreak of a typhus epidemic in Serbia in early 1915, the Central Powers decided to put an end to Serbian resistance and to secure rail communications with Turkey across the Balkans. The Bulgarians launched an offensive in Macedonia to prevent the Allies in Greece joining forces with the Serbs. The Serbian Army, to avoid defeat and inevitable capitulation, began an arduous winter retreat westward across Montenegro and the Albanian mountains to take refuge on the Adriatic coast and the island of Corfu. In this book Jan Gordon (1882-1944), a painter and travel writer, and his wife Cora Josephine Gordon (fl. c.1908-1950), an artist and writer, tell of their adventures in the Balkans and describe people they saw and the events which unfolded in the summer and autumn of 1915. 

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'The Luck of Thirteen: wanderings and flight through Montenegro and Serbia ... With photographs, etc.' by Jan and Cora Gordon
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Jan Gordon, Cora Josephine Gordon
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