Making the right choices: using data-driven technology to transform mental healthcare

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Martinez, Claudia; Farhan, Imogen
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3 July 2019
Health Services, Mental health services
Social welfare
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This report examines the current landscape of data-driven technologies and their applications in mental healthcare. It discusses what makes mental health different from other areas of health, and the implications this has for the application of data-driven tools. It also examines barriers to implementation, and proposes ways to move forward.

Mental health is undergoing a ‘digital revolution’. While much focus in recent years has been placed on consumer-facing digital solutions, such as mental health apps, the landscape of data-driven tools in mental health is much broader. Capitalising on the opportunities offered by data-driven technologies will require NHS leaders to cut through the hype surrounding these technologies and build a greater understanding of where the biggest transformational benefits lie.

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