Map of the Province of Pennsilvania


Published soon after The Excellent Priviledge, this is the first detailed survey of the Province of Pennsylvania, showing the allocation of lands within the counties of Chester, Philadelphia and Bucks. The map was drawn by Thomas Holme (1624-95), Penn’s surveyor-general, and it was printed and sold in London to advertise the benefits of the colony to potential settlers. Dedicated to ‘the worthey William Penn Esq.’ and engraved on a scale of one inch to the mile, Holme’s map is a technical masterpiece which took four years to produce. The accompanying text announces that the ‘Business of this Map is to shew the Improvements of the said Proprietary and Inhabitants’ since the foundation of the Province in 1681; it also describes the prosperity of the land and the customs of the native inhabitants.

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"A map of the province of Pennsilvania, containing the three countyes of Chester, Philadelphia, and Bucks, as far as yet surveyed and laid out, &c., with the names of the owners, by Thomas Holme, surveyor-general," 1687; engraved.
Thomas Holme
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