Memo from Indian mail censor on Indian troops' dissatisfaction with pay


This is a confidential memorandum regarding the pay of the India troops in Europe. According to the memorandum, the wounded Indian soldiers were content with all that the Government were doing for them. Their pay was their only complaint, with a rumour circulating that a pay increase was imminent. 

The source of the information in the memorandum was a Havildar with the 94th Russell’s Infantry Regiment, a regiment of the India army which took part in the Mesopotamia Campaign. The Havildar suggested a minimum of 15 rupees a month would satisfy the troops, 4 rupees more than the 11 rupees a month an ordinary Indian soldier received at that time. 

Interestingly, a study by a military official of selected soldiers letters for January 1915, found that grumbles about pay did not feature prominently in them.

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Memorandum from censor of Indian mail re Indian troops' dissatisfaction with pay
12 February, 1915
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British Library
IOR/L/MIL/5/825/1 f.66

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