The men and indigestion pilot study: final report

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Hemingway, Ann; Taylor, Gillian; Young, Natasha
Men's Health Forum
Date of publication
1 October 2004
Health Services
Social welfare
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This report describes a project that focused on providing men with information about indigestion and contributory lifestyle factors, with the aim of increasing awareness of symptoms and sources of help. Indigestion affects up to 40% of the adult population in the UK each year but it is estimated that only 22- 25% of those who suffer symptoms will consult their GP. The project was based in the workplace because men are less likely than women to access traditional health services such as GP surgeries and well men clinics. The workplace is a good setting for engaging with men who might not otherwise access information about health, and has successfully been used for health promotion activities around prostate health and skin cancer prevention. The overall aim of the project was to explore how best to encourage the uptake of services and treatments for indigestion by men.

The key recommendations that emerged from the project included: pharmacists may have the potential to offer health and lifestyle advice to men when they are seeking over-the-counter remedies for indigestion; interventions to change health related behaviour which are initiated when an individual is experiencing indigestion may be effective in facilitating sustained behaviour change; changing behaviour in order to seek relief from indigestion is not something that men will automatically consider doing when suffering symptoms; men appear to be positive about work-based and flexible, locally based health and lifestyle initiatives; and designing interventions for men that take an informal approach may help when offering information and advice, although this area does require further study particularly for different age groups.