Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust: a review of the procedures for emergency admissions and treatment, and progress against the recommendations of the March Healthcare Commission report

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Alberti, George
Department of Health
Date of publication
29 April 2009
Health Services
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Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust
Social welfare
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Much had improved at the Trust since the Healthcare Commission’s investigation into emergency care and treatment commenced. Significant numbers of new medical and nursing staff had been employed with obvious benefit. But further appointments were still needed, particularly of nurses. The acting Chair and acting Chief Executive were already having an impact and a new Medical Director, who commenced work on April 15th, had achieved quickly an excellent grasp of what was required to make the necessary improvements. A significant number of the remaining problems, which would be exacerbated by the implementation of the European working time directive, were similar to those found already in many small and medium-sized acute trusts.