Jean de Wavrin's Chronicles of English History


Jean de Wavrin (d. c. 1474) compiled a set of chronicles encompassing the entire history of England from its legendary foundations up to his own lifetime, in six volumes.  Volume III relates the events of the first ten years of Richard II’s reign from 1377 to 1387, including battles with the French, Flemish and Spanish and the alliance with the Portuguese, sealed by the dynastic marriage between Philippa of Lancaster (r. 1387–1415) and King John of Portugal (r. 1385–1433). The text is illustrated in this deluxe copy by a scene of Richard II (r. 1377–1399) at a sumptuous feast, surrounded by members of the English court, including the Dukes of York, Gloucester and Ireland, in full regalia.  In the foreground, a servant carries a sugar sculpture of a ship, an example of the extravagant culinary delicacies enjoyed by medieval royalty.

This copy of the chronicle is lavishly illustrated and was completed for Edward IV (r. 1461– 1470, 1471–1483), with numerous displays of his arms and devices painted in the borders of the miniatures by professional artists in Bruges.

Full title:
Jean de Wavrin, Recueil des chroniques d'Angleterre (Volume III)
c.1470–80, Lille, France and the Southern Netherlands
Jehan de Wavrin
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British Library
Royal MS 14 E IV

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