The mission of media in an age of monopoly

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Schlosberg, Justin
Date of publication
2 May 2016
Social Policy
Social welfare
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Launched on the 26th May on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme, ResPublica’s latest report argues that the trend for media outlets to be increasingly owned and controlled in an oligopolistic, non-transparent fashion is damaging to the health of our democracy.

This report recommends a series of steps to both raise the public profile of his issue and to regulate concentrations of media power where these are found. Using case studies from countries across Europe, this study examines instances of excessive media concentration and the power which individuals can accrue by this means. It argues that the response to this threat must come through encouraging transparency and plurality from the bottom up.

Important contemporary issues such as the future of the BBC are discussed, as are the role of large scale intermediaries such as Google and Facebook in supporting both established and emergent journalistic outlets. Recommendations build on the findings of the Leveson Inquiry into press standards which are particular to the UK context and have strong resonance for broader policy debates at the EU and in other parts of the world.

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