Mitochondrial donation: government response to the consultation on draft regulations to permit the use of new treatment techniques to prevent the transmission of a serious mitochondrial disease from mother to child

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Great Britain. Department of Health
Department of Health
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1 July 2014
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Social welfare
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The Government conducted a 12 week public consultation between February and May 2014 on draft regulations that would enable mitochondrial donation techniques to be used in clinical practice in the United Kingdom. This response sets out the results of that consultation and the Government’s intended approach in relation to the introduction of the regulations.

1,857 responses were received to this consultation from research bodies, patient bodies, professional organisations, faith organisations, parliamentarians, and a large number of individuals. The majority of respondents commenting on the questions in the consultation were positive about the proposed individual provisions set out in the draft regulations. Four out of five respondents simply expressed a view for or against the principle of mitochondrial donation. The government has carefully considered the responses and has decided that its policy position on key details in the draft regulations remains the correct one. It will proceed with putting regulations before Parliament, subject to further considerations and actions set out in this response.

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