Mixed heritage: identity, policy and practice

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Runnymede Trust
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1 September 2007
Minority Groups
Social welfare
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This collection of papers explores the categorisation, identities and experiences of people of mixed heritage. Although they are often invisible in debates on race and ethnicity, the 2001 census reveals that the 'mixed' population is the third largest ethnic category in the UK.  As the articles collected here show, there is not yet a consensus in terms of understanding the identities of people racialized as mixed and even less agreement about the right policy or practice responses. Understanding how to respond to the needs of people racialized as mixed presents a range of challenges to policymakers, as well as to our current understandings of race relations. Each contributor's article explores the topic from a variety of expertise, covering theoretical explorations of mixedness, policy areas such as education, health and social care and returning to the fundamental question of whether it is useful to speak of the mixed category as a unitary group and whether a mixed community exists.