Myths and realities of women's access to finance

Myths and realities of women's access to finance
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Delta Economics
Delta Economics
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1 July 2009
Trends: economic, social and technology trends affecting business, Small business & enterprise: the practicalities of running a small business and the theory of entrepreneurship
Business and management
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The issue of women's access to finance to start and grow businesses has been the subject of debate for policy makers, business support professionals and academics for many years. This report aims to contribute to a clarification of the issues around bank and other forms of financing for women's businesses in several ways:

  • By looking at data on financing of start-ups from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) 2007 dataset.
  • By providing a summary of the most recent UK SME Finance study (aka Big Survey) that looks in detail at women’s bank finance. The Big Survey was taken from a general population of women-led businesses (where greater than 51% of senior management roles are held by women) and covers a broad range of sizes and sectors.
  • By examining data from a survey of 1,800 founders of businesses conducted by Delta Economics as the Challenges and Opportunities for Growth Study (COGS; sponsored by HSBC).

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