Journal of Serbian military camp theatre in Nador, Tunisia


Allied soldiers, recuperating from wounds and sickness, were stationed in many places along the Mediterranean coast, including Nador in Tunisia. Serbian soldiers and officers were stationed in this French camp, where they organised cultural events to pass the time. This diary records plays performed and the names of directors and actors. It also comments on the success of performances, important people that attended and the atmosphere in the crowd.

In this part of the journal is a clipping with a play name, author, director and actors, as well as a handwritten comment about the performance and the audience. Special attention is given to the description of the arrival of the French soldier Admiral Guépratte, an event so exciting it halted the play, just before the third act. Soldiers sang the French national anthem and the song Young Serbs. 3,000 soldiers were present, it records.

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Journal of Serbian military camp theatre in Nador, Tunisia
Diary / Manuscript
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Narodna Biblioteka Srbije

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