Narrative summary of the evidence review on supervision of social workers and social care workers in a range of settings including integrated settings

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Literature review
Corporate author(s)
Social Care Institute for Excellence (Great Britain)
Social Care Institute for Excellence
Date of publication
1 May 2013
SCIE guide; 50
Social Work, Social Care and Social Services
Social welfare
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This narrative summary is based on the empirical research papers selected for the SCIE research briefing on supervision. There is little intervention evidence in the papers accessed for the research briefing, and the few intervention studies are methodologically weak in showing any causality. None of these uses intervention and comparison groups (a ‘controlled trial’).There is qualitative evidence from studies on the experiences and perspectives of supervisors and supervisees, although not a comprehensive review of studies as the research briefing criteria included qualitative studies only if they referred to reported outcomes of supervision. There is no strong evidence on outcomes for people who use services, or on outcomes for workers that are defined by people who use service. Therefore, none of the recommendations reflect ‘promising’ or ‘proven’ good practice

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