National pilot for regional innovation

National pilot for regional innovation
Document type
Working Paper
Jøsendal, Kari; Normann, Roger
Kingston University Business School
Date of publication
1 April 2009
Kingston Business School Working Papers
Trends: economic, social and technology trends affecting business, Small business & enterprise: the practicalities of running a small business and the theory of entrepreneurship
Business and management
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This publication addresses some of the most important contemporary challenges and contextual background for national innovation policies, including topics such as the Nordic model, corporate social responsibility, cluster policies, culture based creative industries, learning regions and steering of regional governance and innovation systems. The research is the result of collaborative work and builds on insights from several research projects, most notably the Enterprise Development 2000 programme (ED2000), The Value Creation 2010 programme (VC2010) and the Programme for Regional R&D and Innovation (VRI). It also uses statistics and data from other research projects such as for instance Leadership Values (Hidle and Normann, 2008). 

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