Nesta response to 'building our industrial strategy' green paper 2017

Document type
Working Paper
Rae, Jen
Date of publication
20 November 2017
Social Policy, Employment, Education and Skills
Social welfare
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This paper calls for a smarter institutional setup for innovation policy within government, which includes a more anticipatory approach to regulation of new and disruptive technologies.

It highlights the importance of skills to the UK economy as industries adjust to changes such as automation, stressing, in particular, the growth potential of combining science and arts skill-sets within industries.

This research also outlines the scale of the challenge and potential rewards of reworking the government procurement system to support innovation. It proposes a way forward on balancing local growth with national priorities, with a focus of cultivating creative industries beyond London and the South East. It also calls for a more nuanced understanding of how nationally-set innovation policy interacts with other policies to promote growth in one place.

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