Until 1967, homosexual acts between men were illegal, and Terence Rattigan, like most gay men, took pains to conceal his sexuality. In public he crafted the image of an eligible, heterosexual bachelor. In this interview with People magazine he ‘promptly and without any embarrassment’ gives a carefully prepared answer as to why he remained unmarried:

We [writers] make very difficult husbands. The woman I marry will have to be very understanding and capable of putting up with all my vagaries.

‘Three famous men who can’t find the right girl’

The other men featured in this interview, songwriter Ivor Novello and dress designer Norman Hartnell, were both gay too. Reporter Elizabeth Parsons muses that ‘there can be very few of my sex who meet their exacting requirements’, but, in retrospect, the reason why all three men couldn’t ‘find the right girl’ was due to their sexuality.