NHS charities: evaluation guidance

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Kazimirski, Anne; Gripper, Ruth; Bagwell, Sally
New Philanthropy Capital
Date of publication
18 May 2016
Health Services, Social Policy
Social welfare
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This report provides high-level evaluation guidance for NHS Charities. It is the final part of a project exploring how NHS Charities measure their impact and how they might develop a shared approach in the future. 

It builds on two previous stages supported by NPC: a review of current evaluation practice (based on interviews and a review of key documents) and a theory of change for NHS Charities (developed through discussions and a workshop).

The NHS Charities sector is entering a period of change: new governance arrangements are likely to initiate shifts in relationships between NHS Charities and their key stakeholders, including NHS Trusts, funders and the public. In responding to this, a number of NHS Charities are looking to improve the way they measure and demonstrate the impact of their work.