No place like an accessible home: quality of life and opportunity for disabled people with accessible housing needs

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Provan, Bert; Burchardt, Tania; Suh, Ellie.
London School of Economics
Date of publication
1 July 2016
Housing and Homelessness, Families
Social welfare
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The objective of this report was to quantify the potential current demand for accessible housing, especially privately-developed accessible housing. In discussion with Papworth Trust and Habinteg, the authors addressed three questions:

  • How many households have met and unmet needs for accessible housing?
  • What proportion of these households are, or might be in a position to become, owner-occupiers?
  •  To what extent is unmet need for accessible housing associated with worse employment outcomes?

They present case studies illustrating the needs of individuals and the social and economic impact of unmet needs for adaptable housing which would improve their employment prospects and quality of life. They consider the factors which prevent respondents from making adaptations or moving to more suitable accommodation. They also note the changing  needs of families with disabled children. In conclusion, they compare their findings with those of previous studies and describe the measures which would have the greatest positive effect on disabled people's housing situation.

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