Notebook of Christina Rossetti (four of six), 23 March 1861-24 March 1863


This manuscript is one of Christina Rossetti’s poetry notebooks: small, bound and lined booklets used to transcribe, in neat and carefully pencilled or inked handwriting, fair copies of her poetry after initial drafting. This is the fourth notebook in the British Library's collections, containing poems dating from 23 March 1861 to 24 March 1863. 

These include 'The Prince who arrived too late' which was later developed into the longer narrative poem 'The Prince's Progress', the title poem of Rossetti's second volume The Prince's Progress and Other Poems (1866), as well as a rare instance of Rossetti touching upon a topical theme in 'Our Widowed Queen'.

Full title:
Six Notebooks used by Christina Rossetti for the inscription of fair copies of her poems
23 March 1861-24 March 1863
Manuscript / Notebook / Fair copy
Christina Rossetti
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British Library
Ashley MS 1364 (4)

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