Offering before Cook


This engraving shows Cook seated between three of his officers during a welcoming ceremony in Hawai'i.

It comes from a collection which includes drawings by Alexander Buchan and Sydney Parkinson, the official artists employed by Joseph Banks on James Cook’s first voyage, as well as the draughtsman Herman Diedrich Spöring. It also contains prints of engravings from the published accounts of the voyages based on works by Sydney Parkinson, William Hodges and John Webber.

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A collection of Drawings by A. Buchan, S. Parkinson, and J. F. Miller, made in the Countries visited by Captain James Cook in his First Voyage [1768-1771], also of Prints published in [John] Hawksworth's Voyages of Biron [Byron], Wallis, and Cook [1773], as well as in Cook's second and third Voyages [1772-1775, 1776-1780].
John Webber
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British Library
Add MS 23921, f.75

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