• Full title:   Oh, Canada! A medley of stories, verse, pictures and music contributed by the Canadian Expeditionary Force
  • Published:   1916
  • Created:   1916
  • Formats:  Book, Photograph, Illustration
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  • Held by  British Library
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What is this?

Published in 1916, Oh, Canada! is a compendium of works by Canadian soldiers involved in the war. Despite the danger and hardship, boredom was common on the frontlines and this meant troops created plenty of rhymes, stories and pictures that could be published in compendiums such as this. The title is worth noting as while Oh, Canada! is today known as Canada’s national anthem it was not translated into English until 1908 and was not even de-facto anthem until the 1930s. 

Women and the front lines

The work contains numerous illustrations of women, either on the front or being reminisced about from it. While all are playful they illustrate some of the different ways men on the front perceive women; longingly, playfully and respectfully.