Over the Hills and Far Away: A treasury of nursery rhymes from around the world: sketches and finished artworks


This treasury of nursery rhymes contains 150 rhymes from all across the world. There are rhymes you will already know, but some that may be new to you. Turn the pages to explore rhymes from Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the Caribbean, South Africa and Ghana, as well as those from Maori, Native American, First Nation and Inuit cultures.

‘Little Miss Muffet’ and counting rhymes

The collection reveals how rhymes have been shared and adapted in different settings. ‘Little Miss Muffet’ takes on a different character and language for English, American, Australian and Jamaican children. The American Miss Muffet screams so loudly she scares the spider away!

Other pages pair rhymes that are stylistically similar, such as tongue-twisters, lullabies or counting rhymes. The Caribbean, American and South African counting rhymes all work with a similar rhythm but use different nonsense words – ‘Inty, minty, tibblety, fig’ or ‘Eena, deena, dina, do’… ‘Out goes YOU!’

Seven Stories

Elizabeth Hammill, who compiled this book, is the co-founder of Seven Stories, the National Centre for Children’s Books – Britain’s first museum celebrating and collecting children’s literature. Proceeds from sales of the book are donated to Seven Stories.

Who created the illustrations?

Each double page of the book is illustrated by one of 77 artists, who have donated their work to the collection or archive at Seven Stories. Scroll through the images to see the full list.

The contributors are an illustrious ensemble of international bestsellers and award-winners – including Eric Carle, Shirley Hughes, Axel Scheffler and Nick Sharratt – as well as young rising stars of illustration. The delight of reading the book is doubled in recognising and appreciating the distinctive styles of so many well-loved and talented children’s illustrators.

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Preliminary and finished artworks by various artists who contributed to Over the Hills and Far Away, edited by Elizabeth Hamill (Frances Lincoln, 2014).
Frances Lincoln Children's Books
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Assorted artists, Elizabeth Hamill
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