Part of Westminster and Westminster


These two prints could have been taken by John Bagford from Robert Morden’s A Prospect of London: A Book of the Prospects of the Remarkable Places in and about the City of London, published in 1690. They were probably made by John Dunstall, a teacher of drawing and an admirer of Hollar who also etched in the latter’s style. In these plates, Dunstall copied two views of Westminster by Hollar dated 1647, adding the titles on scrolls in the sky. The view from the river is taken from mid-stream to show Parliament House, the Hall and the Abbey, while the view below depicts Westminster Hall from New Palace Yard. Although the plates in Bagford’s volume are rather faithful to Hollar’s originals, Dunstall updated the view of the yard by removing the octagonal canopied fountain that stood there until the late 17th century.

Full title:
Part of Westminster and Westminster
about 1690
Etching / View
John Dunstall
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Public Domain
Held by
British Library
Harley MS 5956, nos. 47-48.

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