The performance of the health sector in meeting the public sector equality duties: moving towards effective equality outcomes

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Widger, Tom; Prosser, Shelagh; Rogers, Sheila
Equality & Human Rights Commission
Date of publication
1 July 2011
Health Services
Social welfare
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This research report examines performance on the Race, Disability and Gender Equality Duties by Strategic Health Authorities and Primary Care Trusts in England. Effective implementation of and successful performance on the public sector duties can assist healthcare providers in reducing relative inequalities in health, employment, and commissioning outcomes and as such the life chances and wellbeing of millions of people in the UK. But these outcomes can only be achieved through the development of clear outcomes-focused policies and programmes throughout the NHS that encompass concrete plans and actions with observable and measurable results. The practices and lessons identified in this report can help health planners now and in the future to ensure improved equality outcomes across commissioning, service, and employment functions.