Perspectives: corporate social responsibility

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Brown, Gordon; Timms, Stephen; Alexander, Douglas
Smith Institute
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8 July 2004
Social Policy
Social welfare
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This collection comprises a speech by the Chancellor of the Exchequer alongside a series of essays on corporate social responsibility. Crucial to the government’s aims of increasing productivity and providing opportunity for all will be the development of the corporate social responsibility agenda. Although not new – in the 19th century, William Lever and Joseph Rowntree began to consider the effects of the Industrial Revolution on the communities where their employees lived – we have, in recent years, undergone a sea change in thinking about the responsibilities of companies. Today, the corporate responsibility agenda is moving well beyond how companies give money away, and on to central questions of how companies make money. This collection of essays tracks much of the latest thinking on corporate social responsibility, not least the potential opportunities for and limitations of companies and corporations conducting their business in a socially responsible manner.

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