Photograph of Amy Ashwood Garvey campaigning with The International African Friends of Abyssinia


This photograph shows Jamaican journalist and activist Amy Ashwood Garvey at a demonstration organised by the International African Friends of Abyssinia (IAFA) in Trafalgar Square in 1935.

The International African Friends of Abyssinia

The IAFA was a Pan-African organisation established in response to the Italian invasion of Ethiopia in 1934. Its founding members included C L R James, Amy Ashwood Garvey, Chris Jones (aka Braithwaite), Jomo Kenyatta and George Padmore, who resolved to support Ethiopia’s freedom from colonial powers.

The campaigning of the IAFA alongside other Pan-African groups eventually led to the organisation of the Fifth Pan-African Congress in Manchester.[1]


[1] Hakim Adi, Pan-Africanism: A History (London: 2018).

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Ethiopian Sympathizers at London Meeting
2 September 1935, London
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