Photographs of Vera Zasulich and Sergei Stepniak


Vera Zasulich (1849–1919), shown here on the left, was influenced by ideas of the Narodniks  – forebears of the socialist revolutionaries. These ‘populists’ strove to engage the rural classes in the struggle against the regime. The radical wing of the Narodniks adopted the tactic of terrorist attacks against prominent individuals in the late 1870s.

After Zasulich was found not guilty of attempted murder, the law was changed and cases of ‘resisting the authorities’ were placed under the jurisdiction of military courts. Zasulich continued to work for the revolutionary cause throughout her life.

The picture on the right shows another famous assassin, Sergei Stepniak, who immigrated to Britain and was close to the family of Richard Garnett, one of the senior librarians at the British Museum.

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Za svobodu Rossii. Al’bom i istoriia osvoboditel’nogo dvizheniia za sto let (1820–1920) (For Russia’s Freedom. Album and history of the liberation movement over one hundred years (1820–1920).
New York: Rassvet
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