L Arnold Weissberger (1907–1981) was an American theatrical lawyer and prolific amateur photographer of acclaimed actors and celebrities. Between the 1960s and 1980s he photographed several British and American productions of Harold Pinter's plays.

The photographs digitised here show:

• The Music Box Theatre in New York where Pinter’s The Homecoming played in 1967, directed by Peter Hall for the Royal Shakespeare Company.
The Homecoming at the Music Box theatre, New York, 1967, directed by Peter Hall, starring Vivien Merchant as Ruth and Paul Rogers as Max.
• The Booth Theatre where The Birthday Party had its New York premiere in 1967, directed by Alan Schneider.
• Michael Gambon as Jerry and Penelope Wilton as Emma in the 1978 production of Betrayal at the National Theatre, London, directed by Peter Hall.
Betrayal at the National Theatre in 1978, directed by Peter Hall, starring Daniel Massey as Robert and Penelope Wilton as Emma.
• Sign outside the Trafalgar theatre, New York publicising Betrayal, directed by Peter Hall (1980).