The Company of Wolves is a 1984 British horror film co-written by Angela Carter and Neil Jordan. Directed by Jordan, it stars Angela Lansbury, David Warner, Stephen Rea and Sarah Patterson.

A retelling of 'Little Red Riding Hood', the film brings out the fairy tale’s latent sexual subtext and proposes an alternative ending. Framed as a dream, Rosaleen disobeys the lesson her grandmother teaches her in the original tale: never trust strangers and never stray from the path. Rather than become the wolf’s victim, she kisses him and turns into a wolf herself, choosing personal and sexual freedom over the conventional world of marriage and adult responsibilities that she fears.

The screenplay layers several tales from Carter’s 1979 short story collection The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories including ‘The Company of Wolves’ and ‘The Werewolf’. Carter and Jordan, who worked closely together on the script and set, also drew on Carter’s first adaptation of ‘The Company of Wolves’ as a play for radio in 1980.