These photographs show Kurt Egyiawan as Angelo and Mariah Gale as Isabella in Measure for Measure. The production, directed by Dominic Domgoole, was staged at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London in 2015.

The Duke’s deputy Angelo has sentenced Isabella’s brother Claudio to death for ‘fornication’ (5.1.70) – having sex with his girlfriend outside marriage and making her pregnant. When Isabella pleads with the deputy for mercy, Angelo finds himself seduced by her virtue and eloquence. Here, he tries to bargain with her to save her brother’s life, if she will give ‘up [her] body’ and have sex with him (2.4.53–54).

In his review of the production for the Guardian (2 July 2015), Michael Billington wrote:

Dromgoole’s production is at its best in the confrontation of Isabella and Angelo. Mariah Gale plays the novice as a modest, quietly spoken figure of absolute spiritual certainty … Kurt Egyiawan plays Angelo as a young man shocked into awareness of his dormant sensuality and his attraction to a woman whose downright fervour matches his own. When these two characters are together, the play grips the imagination.