Plan of springs at Wormley in Hertfordshire


This plan, from the Harley manuscripts collection, shows a plan of the springs at Wormley, Hertfordshire, from which Waltham Abbey drew its water. This plan was copied in the mid-thirteenth century from an original drawn in the 1220s. It illustrates an account of how the three-mile long pipe was laid to the abbey. At the top is the road to Cheshunt; the three circles are the springs from which the water passed through two tanks before entering the pipe. On the cross at the top the splayed foot marks the east, the earliest known direction pointer on a medieval map.

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Plan of springs at Wormley in Hertfordshire
mid-13th century
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Public Domain in most countries other than the UK.

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British Library
British Library, Harley MS. 391, f.6

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