Plan of the city of New York


In this King’s Topographical Collection print, New York City is shown to extend north as far as the present site of Times Square. Beyond are large tracts of open country, occupied by estates, including those of the Stuyvesant family, which later gave their names to places in the modern city. The view is taken from Governor’s Island. A column of smoke once thought to represent the deliberate burning of the city later that year is in fact the smouldering tar for caulking the hull of a ship.

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PLAN of the CITY of NEW YORK, in North America : Surveyed in the Years 1766 & 1767 / B. Ratzer, Lieut.t in His Majestys 60th or Royal American Reg.t.
12 January 1776, London
Thomas Jefferys and William Faden
Map / View / Engraving / Hand colouring
Bernard Ratzer, Thomas Kitchin
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Public Domain
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British Library
Maps 1.Tab.44.

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