• Full title:   Large play bill for the New Adelphi Theatre, advertising A Christmas Carol, with three illustrations inspired by the original illustrations in A Christmas Carol. [from the author's presentation copy of The Life of Dickens, 1872-74]
  • Published:   n.d. , London
  • Formats:  Advertisement, Ephemera, Playbill, Illustration, Image
  • Creator:   The New Adelphi Theatre, John*Forster [compiler]
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  • Shelfmark:   Dex.316. - Vol II, part I


This large play bill advertises a performance of Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol at the New Adelphi Theatre, London. It differs from other 19th century playbills in that it is dominated by images, rather than text. The three central illustrations, depicting key scenes, are inspired by the original illustrations for A Christmas Carol by John Leech. Although the playbill is undated, we can assume that it ran during the Christmas season as it is advertised as a ‘HOLIDAY ATTRACTION!’. 

This production was just one of many; the novel was so popular that by February 1844 eight theatrical productions had been staged.