Playbill advertising Edward Stirling's adaptation of A Christmas Carol


This playbill advertises Edward Stirling’s official adaptation of A Christmas Carolsanctioned by Charles Dickens in January 1844. As the first line states, this version was ‘The ONLY ONE by Permission of CHARLES DICKENS, Esq.’. It was performed at the Adelphi Theatre, and contained newly written songs.

Edward Stirling was a respected director who adapted several of Dickens’s novels for the stage.

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Two original playbills, the latter advertising Edward Stirling's adaptation of A Christmas Carol. Pencil notes suggest performance took place at the Adelphi Theatre. Date February 5th, 1844 and during the week.
5 February 1844, London
Advertisement / Ephemera / Playbill / Illustration / Image
The Theatre Royal, Adelphi, John Forster [compiler]
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British Library
Dex.316. - Vol II, part I

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